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Blaaholms Fairytale


January 17, 2004 - March 31, 2012

(EUW-00 DKCH Lagarada's Gold Krugerrand x Diplomatic's Cherie Fairchild)

July 2011, 7,5 years

Noilly is the foundation bitch of our kennel. She was an unique and true Great Dane. She acted with nobility and was a perfect leader of the pack. We loved her very very much. She never had a sick day, but in an old age she suffered a bit of osteoarthritis and some incontinence as a result of sterilization (which is normal for giant breeds). Shortly after her 8 years birthday she started to have problems with her stomac and a x-ray showed a very large tumor. So though it was with great sadness, we chose to put her to sleep.

Blaaholms Good Looking


July 10, 2004 - August 4, 2011

(MULTICH Diplomatic's Umberto di Visconti x MULTICH Sandø's Gefia)

July 2011, 7 years

Curie showed as a puppy sign of high intelligence. Therefore, we named her after Madame Curie, who once got the Nobel Physics Award. She was an incredibly sweet Great Dane full of gunpowder. She enjoyed being aunt for Noillys' "puppies". Curié had no health problems during her life. But at 7 years old, she experienced shortness of breath and poor blood circulation so we unfortunately had to choose euthanasia for her.




October 28,1998 – May 2, 2004

(Creo's Karlos x Denny Wadass)

April 2004: Noilly lick Ophelia's lips

Ophelia was a really big-mama. Ophelia did not have good health and in addition to her hypothyriodisme she became diagnosed with megaesophagus (excess esophagus) which can not be cured, so we had to choose an euthanasia for her.




August 13,1999 - January 23, 2004

(Creo's Liston x Creo's Nadja)

Fie in her loving but too small chair

Fie was a brindle very happy Dane. Every day was a feast to her. She received special training, but never managed to learn anything. Because Fie was always investigating a beetle or a piece of something else. Fie did not have good health and she passed away sleeping in front of the fireplace.