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The present breed standard issued by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), states that the Great Dane (Deutche Dogge) is a German breed. That is a mistake. The breed is Danish and such recognized until 1949 by the FCI (please see the picture below). The matter was raised by the Danish Kennel Club (DKK) in FCI in 2010 and not yet closed.

Consulting old litterature the breed, Great Dane is found in many books, but no such breed as the "Deutche Dogge" is to be found. For that reason we can conclude the breed Great Dane is an older breed than Deutche Dogge. So what breed is the Deutche Dogge? IN old litterature the Great Dane is originated from Denmark. Not Germany.

Here is an example: In 1876, Dr. Leopold Fitzinger (Austrian Zoologist) writes in his book, Der Hund Und Seine Racen, in the section Der grosse dänische Hund, "...In England ist sie unter dem Namen Danich Dog, in Frankreich unter der Benennung Grand Danois bekannt. Dänemark ist das Land, in Welchen diese Race zuerst gezogen wurde und welchen sie auch ihre Benennung verdankt. Von jeher war sie aber einer der beliebtesten Luxushunde." Translated: ..." In England the Dog is called The Danish Dog, in France it is known by the name Grand Danois. Denmark is the country were this breed first is bred and from where it has got it's name. The breed has always been a very beloved luxury dog.

In Fitzingers book is there no such ting as a Deutche Dogge. The breed Deutsche Dogge does not exist in litterature and reality until the late 19th Century. It's our (and many other Dane lovers) hope that justice at last will prevail in this case.

At top: f) the Great Dane is recognized as a danish breed by the FCI (see signature)