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Cooperation with US breeders

As breeders, we are obliged to do our outmost to ensure good health and mentality in every litter we breed. We realize that we cannot eliminate all health problems, but informed breeding decisions, along with routine health checks will always be an important part of our breeding program. We have based our breeding program on American top studs and due to cooperation with them we screen for: Hip Dysplasia, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Congenital Cardiac Disease. Test results are available on request.

Home made dog food

We feed home made food to all our Danes. The reasons are obvious. They LOVE IT and it seems they also benefit from it. In order to make sure our Danes are fed with the nutritions they require and in correct daily amounts, we did a intensivly reading on almost everything regarding canine nutrition requirements, which ingredients supplied these requirements, and where to find them at reasonable cost. Finally, we had to learn how to prepare the food to ensure the food is metabolized efficiently. If you have a question about home made dog food, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Puppies eating home made food.


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Canine Health Information Center

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