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Our History - high lights

In 1998 we got our first Great Dane and in 1999 our next. They both had a very bad health and for that reason we wanted to breed our on Danes.

In 2004, we applied for our kennel name through the Danish Kennel Club.

In 2005, we sold our house near Copenhagen and moved to the countryside. And we went through the breeders' education program offered by the Danish Kennel Club.

In 2006, we completed construction of the facilities for our Danes.

In 2007, after 3 years of preparation, we became ready to find the right male for our foundation bitch, Blaaholms Fairytale aka Noilly.

In 2008 Noilly became inseminated by frozen semen from US/Can CH Sasdadania's Higher Ground and we had our first healthy and beautiful Dane litter of 8 puppies. We kept 2 girls, House of Apollon Jeanne d'Arc aka Jacqueline, House of Apollon Anne of Austria aka Monet and one boy, DKCH House of Apollon d'Artagnan aka Halston.

In 2012 we got our second litter. Our Jeanne D'arc got a litter of 6 healthy puppies. Sire: BIS BISS US/CAN CH Lagarada Reach for the Starz. From this litter we kept one girl, House of Apollon Lady Gunivere aka Whitney and one boy, House of Apollon Sir Lancelot aka Rocket. In 2012 we got our first national champion, DKCH House of Apollon d'Artagnan.

For 20 years we loved, lived, bred and worked with the Great Dane - once the Apollon of Dogdom. But political forces pull the breed towards an unelegant version far away from its written standard. A process that need to be stoped, before it's to late!

In 2014 we got our first Saluki boy.

We bred with focus on health and welfare

Health and longevity is important to us. Due to close cooperation with breeders in the United States and our membership of The Great Dane Club of America we did health tests as recommended by them. We also believe it is important what our dogs are given to eat. We make fresh, home cooked food for our Danes. The food is prepared from unprocessed ingredients and provides a high metabolic value.

Our Danes are our family

Our danes live together with us in our home, not in separate kennels. They have their own bedroom with an exit to a fenced yard of approximately 3000 square yards (3500 square meters). On a daily basis, even when occasionally our dogs are at home alone, they have freedom to access anywhere in our home. Every morning, we walk with the dogs in the meadow, so they can run and play.


We have been member of The Great Dane Club of America Inc., The Norwegian Great Dane Club, The Swedish Great Dane Club, The Finnish Great Dane Club and The Danish Sighthound Club.

Today we are member of The Danish Kennel Club, The Swedish Saluki Club and the Danish Great Dane Club.


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